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Suggestions for maplestory

You require real things to do from the game in addition to that. That's what made people quit en masse pre-Big Bang was having not only a dreadful EXP curve, but with nothing to do during all of that. Should you nerf EXP gain Maplestory Mesos, you have to give a reason to justify it through other means from the sport.

There is lots of places to train, and that is actually one of the problems the game has. There are too many places to be at all of the time, and that makes players stick to one place. Just grinding is just grinding - players want more than that. If they can't have more than just grinding then they'll always default to the map that has the most efficient EXP profit and/or is much more convenient to get to.

The game needs more linearity, actually, with any alternate content that is needing to get incentives you can not get in the initial location. Example: Area A gives particular equipment, Area B provides the items which upgrade it. Anything. If your choices are only "another area to gain EXP" then it'll die off. Always happened and will always occur if this continues. Right now there are too many places than the developers *and players know what to do with.

I don't believe you have a good grasp of how these things work to tell the truth, considering you say these will get people to go to other areas, but you clearly don't know that it might just perpetuate the problem you are trying to fix. Yeah, it'll get BillyBobXXX to prevent training at -fit hotspot here -, but only because he'll migrate to Aliens, stay there for 30 levels, never accepting any EXP lower than that. '

Seeing emptiness on the routine lowers player morale. When morale is low, players quit. Constantly encountering not one person at the same time you progress through the game is very gloomy. I will tough it out because I am a solo player for the most part, but a lot of players can't stomach that MS2 Mesos.

Also, really combine the server tabs as well. If you combine servers collectively, it should be a single tab - a single option. Maintaining the other tabs only looks cluttered. Example: If you mix Bera and Windia, do not keep these tabs on the select page, create a brand new, singular one instead. There, you now have Berindia server.

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