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Proximity Switch factory

In production, a metal reed is inserted in each end of a glass tube and the end of the tube heated so that it seals around a shank portion on the reed. Green-colored Infrared-absorbing glass is frequently used, so an infrared heat source can concentrate the heat in the small sealing zone of the glass tube. The thermal coefficient of expansion of the glass material and metal parts must be similar to prevent breaking the glass-to-metal seal. The glass used must have a high electrical resistance and must not contain volatile components such as lead oxide and fluorides which can contaminate the contacts during the sealing operation. The leads of the switch must be handled carefully to prevent breaking the glass envelope. The glass envelope can be damaged if the reed switch is subjected to mechanical stress.

ModelContact FormContact PowerSize(mm)Specialty(Contacts)
GlassDiameterFull length
ORD2131A1W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Super Mini(Rh)
ORD213S1A1W7.0maxφ1.80max13Super Mini SMD(Rh)
ORD2191A10W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Common Mini(Rh)
ORD2211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max44.2 ± 0.3Mini Flat(Rh)
ORD22211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Contact Long Contact(Rh)
ORD228VL1A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
ORD228S-11A10W14.0maxφ2.20max19.6 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
ORD22201A10W14.0maxφ2.20max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Wide(Rh)
ORD2291ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Voltage&Power (Rh)
ORD22101ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Power (Rh)
ORD2210V1A100W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3Vacuum Voltage&Power(Rh)
ORD22111A50W(12V-3.4)16.5maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.3LED style(Rh)
ORD22121A10W16.5maxφ2.80max43.9 ± 0.3Closed Value(Rh)
ORD2341A10W21.0maxφ3.50max43.4 ± 0.3Long life(Rh)
ORD92151A10W17.0maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
ORD92161A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
ORT5511C3W14.0maxφ2.54maxN.O51.6 ± 0.3Super Mini COM(Rh)
N.C56.1 ± 0.3
ORD3111A10W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Life Super Mini(lr)
ORD3121A30W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Power/Life(lr)
RA-9011A10W2.5±0.2(W)2.5±0.2(H)19.5±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)
RA-9031A1.0W2.1±0.2(W)2.1±0.2(H)12.3±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)

CiAn Electronics specializes in producing all kinds of Mganetic Switch, Magnetic sensor, Magnetic contact, Proximity switch, Proximity sensor, Reed Switch, Sensor Switch, Contact Switch, Inductive Switch etc.
Proximity Switch factory

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