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There's Something Inside the Meteor in Dusty Divot

Fortnite was upgraded to spot 4.2 now and with it came a number of small modifications to the map, particularly a eerie update to the meteor in Dusty Divot.Small holes have been drilled into the meteor to show components of what seems like some sort of metallic thing. One of those holes shows a medal rod leading some fans to speculate that there is a robot inside. The dinosaur footprint found when Season 4 began could also be associated.

Additionally, it is likely that whatever is inside is producing the holes. Reddit consumer DramaLlamaNite indicates the skin reward for finishing the seven weeks of Blockbuster battles may be anything is within the meteor.

The crater at Titled Towers was filled in and some of the debris was removed. The hop rocks from the crater are gone, but players can still find two inside among those nearby trucks. Like the camp sites viewing the comet in Season 3, a telescope and lawn seat has looked looking right at the giant crater. Reddit user Chikara31 also noticed that the ice cream truck from Retail Row has transformed to a Fork Knife food truck.

A current look at the 50v50 mode indicates that Fortnite Items not all gamers are friendly and we've got a map and tips page for all 20 Rubber Duck places.

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