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Du Fu has a poem saying

Du Fu has a poem saying: "Good rain knows the season, when the spring happens." Indeed, spring rain is the spring alarm clock, he told people that spring full of poetry and painting came.winter went quietly, and the spring came to the world with the rhythm of spring rain Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store.wers and trees are the most popular spring girls, because the spring girl not only likes to play with everyone, but also dresses up everyone and makes everyone's clothes look new and shows great vitality.refore, everyone heard the news of Chun Yu: "Spring girl is coming, Spring girl is coming..." Xiaocai quietly peeped out of the soil and wanted to see the beautiful smile of the spring girl; the flowers bloomed, and the fragrance was beautiful. Waiting for Chungu to be a judge, commenting on which flower is more beautiful; Liushu straightens up, stretches out bright hair, waiting for the spring girl to dye her hair green and green, letting herself renew her youthful vitality. The little girl is singing: "Where is spring, where is spring..." spring girl arrived, she took the ear of the grass and pulled him out of the soil. The grass screamed and the spring girl laughed Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa. "I am the most beautiful, I am the most beautiful...", where the voice came from, at first glance, it turned out that Spring Girl is giving the flowers a judge, she is afraid of being dissatisfied with other flowers Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, and simply dresses everyone beautifully. Each has its own color, characteristics, powder like Xia, red like fire Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, white as snow, really beautiful like a fairy, recruiting the praise of groups of bees and butterflies; ah, what is green and shiny, green is almost Your eyes are originally willow trees, watching her stretch the hair that she just dyed the spring girl; the yellow singer sang a song of the first spring on the willow tree, this is the realm of "two yello" Let's go! It��s really ��grass long flying in February��. In spring, you make me intoxicated. I can't help but think of the famous sentence of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Yanyan: Spring is a season full of vitality. Spring is coming, the spring girl is coming, and the beautiful spring girl puts the earth in a new green dress.y grass poked out the small head from the mother's arms, widened its big round eyes, and looked around, as if to say: "This world is  here, there is a green everywhere: green grass, green trees, green forests, green world... The rhododendrons in the mountains and fields are raging, and the small bees in small groups are fanned with transparent wings in the flowers. Busy...ame to the prairie in the spring. In the blue sky, there are white clouds grazing in the sky, spring is light, grass is sprouting, and the earth is youthful Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery. The white mushroom-like yurt is dotted on the grassy grasslands and is particularly eye-catching. The beautiful voice of the shepherd girl echoed on the grassland, it is really picturesque!ing is here, and the least is spring. Every year, the misty spring two quietly came to the world to report the news of the arrival of spring. At this time, we should take off the heavy cotton jacket and take the pace to meet the spring!

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