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In a congratulatory message, South African Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies said his department was participating in the DIFF which "is one of the best platforms a country can promote and showcase the country's creative skills."

The SA Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) was fundingd workshops, dialogues and screening of productions in support of the festival.

Davies said the platform will be used to market the department's South African Emerging Black Filmmakers Incentive and target producers who qualify.

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The film industry has enormous potential in bringing the necessary currency into the economy and can act as an important vehicle through which technology is transferred and South African skills base is upgraded, the minister said.

The SA government spent 468 million rand with projected investment of 3.4 billion rand in the 20152016 financial year supporting the sector.

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Premier Li meets Canadian Governor General Johnston

Policemen transfer people trapped by flood in S China's city

Builders work at construction site in hot summer in N China

Water level of Poyang Lake higher than warning level for days

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier leaves Hong Kong after five-day visit

Amazing scenery of Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River

One-month-old hippo cub meets with public in E China's Shandong

People of Miao ethnic group celebrate rain praying festival in SW China's Guizhou

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